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Launched in October 2014, The Big Red Toolbox is a free resource site and content hub from the Service Desk Institute in association with our Toolbox Research Partner, Ovum

The Toolbox is a place where service desk professionals can access the best of our content along with some carefully selected external resources to help improve service delivery and motivate and inspire service desk teams. You'll find everything from industry surveys and research reports to webinars, videos and blog articles, categorised by the concepts of the Service Desk Institute's Best Practice Standard. 

About The Service Desk Institute

SDI is the leading professional body for everyone working in the IT service and support industry. The Institute has been connecting IT service professionals across the globe since 1988. SDI sets the internationally recognised best practice standards for service desks and service desk professionals. It is these standards which form the basis for the SDI professional qualifications programme and the service desk certification programme.

Delivering exceptional, fun and inspirational experiences for everyone working in IT support, SDI is here to support you in making your service desk be the best it can possibly be.

Our Vision

Passionate about helping service desks make a difference and realise their full potential, we promise to deliver exceptional, fun and inspirational customer experiences and support, guide and educate those committed to their own service improvement journey.

How can I get my service desk involved?

Firstly, subscribe to the SDI newsletter which is delivered monthly to keep you and your team informed of all the latest industry news and events. Secondly, explore our main website and you'll find information on our training courses, membership options, the SDI conference and awards, Service Desk Certification and the professional services we offer to help service desks to be brilliant.

Standards for service desk professionals
SDI has set the definitions and standards for the key service desk roles of Service Desk Analyst and Service Desk Manager. These clear and measurable standards are reviewed every three years to ensure that they align with the needs and demands of the industry by an international committee comprising industry experts, service management professionals and practitioners.
SDI's training and qualifications programme is based upon these standards with the Service Desk Manager and Service Desk Analyst qualifications now offered by APMG International.
International Service Desk Standards
SDI's standards for service desks were created to help IT service professionals drive continuous improvement in their organisation's service desk. They also form the basis for SDI Service Desk Certfication Programme where service desks are benchmarked through a formal audit process against the standards. Service desks are then accredited according to their level of performance against the standards.
Training Courses
IT Service Excellence Awards 

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